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Nowadays, financial transference becomes a problematic issue, especially with the diverse ways of hijacking the accounts and steal the money. However, Ottu comes to resolve these problems. In the modern generation of technology when electronic payment becomes a need for people, Ottu offers the up-to-date technology that caters to the needs of the merchants. As the satisfaction of our clients is our priority, we are keen on the constant development of the set of services offered by us targeting multiple platforms, environments and industries. Despite the customized collection of tools on the platform, Ottu collection is adapted to meet the demands of every client allowing them to focus on the sustainable growth of their business, expansion of the services, and augmented upscaling.
By taking only these three steps, you can easily make the first online payment via Ottu:
  • Signing the agreement for Ottu subscription.
  • Choosing the targeted payment gateway.
  • Interconnecting with online business and bank account using Ottu.
The main subscription process is initiated by signing Ottu agreement. As the client signs the agreement, everything else will be smoothly run. We, at Ottu, simplified the procedures and make it easily conducted from the beginning to the end. However, this process requires the following documents from our client:
  • Ottu agreement paperwork.
  • Confirmation of the associated name of the online business domain: (www.<ottu-url>.com).
  • Opting for e-payment subdomain name (online.<ottu-url>.com / pay.<ottu-url>.com).
  • Providing the required information on the current business platform.
Clients of Ottu should do a subscription in a payment gateway. Ottu team is always there to offer the best pieces of advice for the clients about the suitable and best payment methods and services for every business branch with consideration of the running platforms. They provide constant free consultation. The client has only to do the following:
  • Payment gateway subscription
  • Choosing a suitable payment method and service according to the type of business and running platform(s)
  • Sharing the client’s payment gateway with Ottu
This process is done in total security to keep our clients’ confidentiality and meet their expectations with awareness to the secretness of the information.

Fill in the form, the following fields are mandatory fields.

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PAY NOW: The URL will lead you to the page below.

Once you click the (PAY NOW) button, you will be directed to the bank's page to fill in your card details and submit them.
At this point we can say congratulations, your first transaction has been done as it will be shown as the following example:
Ottu Payment is an easy payment solution. Ottu caters to the high demand of a payment middleware integration to allow full and direct integration with all famous e-commerce suites.
Based on the merchant confirmed e-commerce platform, Ottu enables the merchants to be easily connected with their e-commerce suites, plugins and guidelines. Available plugins are: (Shopify, Woocommerce, PrestaShop, Opencart, Magento, nopCommerce).


Ottu portal offers an e-commerce plugin which facilitates the business for the merchant, makes it easy-going and helps them to develop the business enabling them to accept the payments as well as the products. Moreover, Ottu allows you to create your own e-catalogue on the dashboard.

Key Features of Ottu E-Commerce:

  • Tracing all e-commerce business transactions
  • Integrating payments with a number of well-known e-commerce platforms
  • Embodying small e-commerce suite in Ottu dashboard that enables the merchants to take action on their online business in a timely manner
  • Allowing merchants to easily add branding to customer's checkout pages or redirection links with white-labeling
  • Transferring risk compliant and settlement directly to a merchant bank account without third-party involvement
  • The Ottu operation team supports the merchants 24/7, including installation guides (plugins for targeted e-commerce platforms).
Ottu’s peerless features make it a distinctive platform for the merchants