Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a comprehensive payment service that encompasses two primary categories: mobile payment and digital wallets. These services provide convenient and secure methods for customers to make transactions, enhancing the overall payment experience.

Mobile payments are payments that are made using a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, Mac or MacBook device. Digital wallets are online accounts that store payment information, such as credit card numbers and bank account information. Both mobile payments and digital wallets offer many benefits over traditional payment methods (i.e., cash and checks). These benefits include convenience, security, and speed.

Ottu supports Apple Pay in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia (KSA), and Bahrain. This means that users in these countries can leverage the benefits of Apple Pay to make payments conveniently and securely.

To set up Apple Pay, you will need to:

In addition, a merchant must have an Apple developer account to accept Apple Pay payments.

Merchant needs to have a developer account in Apple.

1. Log in to your Apple Developer account

2. Go to the Certificates, IDs & Profiles section

4. From the identifier types, choose the Merchant IDs type and click Continue.

5. Enter the Merchant Information

Fill out the fields, such as display name, description, and so on. The identifier field should include your Ottu installation URL in reverse order; For example, if the domain is, enter net.ottu.demo. Then click Continue.

6. Review the provided details and click on the Register button.

1. From the Identifiers section, select the merchant ID that you created in the previous step (e.g., “Ottu Apple Pay”).

2. Click on Add Domain

3. Enter the domain URL you want to register and click Save.

4. Download the .text file and make sure it is ready for upload, as you will provide it to Ottu later (i.e., in the next step), which will be used for domain verification.

5. On the Ottu side, you should also add a new Apple Pay service and upload the .text file that you downloaded in the previous step, i.e., step 4:

5.1. Log in to the Ottu Dashboard and click on the three dots in the upper right corner to access the Administration Panel. 5.2. From the left-hand sidebar, select Payment Service.

5.3. Click on Add payment service.

5.4. Fill out the fields and click Save.

Field Descriptions



The name that will be displayed in the drop-down menu or any other location where the settings are displayed.


A code that identifies the service in APIs, URLs, and other places.

Apple Merchant Identifier

The unique identifier that Apple assigns to merchants when they sign up for Apple Pay.

Display Name

The name that will be displayed on the payment sheet for Apple transactions


The domain that is configured for Apple Pay. For example,

Domain Verification File

A file that contains a unique code used to verify the ownership of a specific domain name.

Here you should upload the .text file that you downloaded in the previous step, i.e., step 4.


The payment gateway

5.5. The new Apple Pay service for & has been successfully added.

6. Once you have added the Apple Pay service and submitted the .text file on the Ottu side, you should verify the domain on the Apple side:

On the Apple side, from the Certificates, IDs & Profiles section, scroll down to the Merchant Domains portion, and click Verify. Ottu will then confirm the completion of the verification.

If the merchant using his own domain alongside to Ottu, it's necessary to verify your domain. To complete this process, refer to the guide provided here.

1. Once again, from your Apple Developer account, go to the Certificates, IDs & Profiles section

2. Scroll down to the Apple Pay Merchant Identity Certificate portion.

3. Click Create Certificate.

4. Ottu will provide you with a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) file, which you will need in the next step:

4.1. Log in to the Ottu Dashboard, go to the Administration Panel, then from the left-hand sidebar, select Payment Service.

4.2. Select the payment service that is associated with your Merchant ID & Merchant Domain.

If the payment service has not been added previously, follow the instructions above to add a new Apple Pay payment service.

4.3. Click Download CSR file.

5. Upload the CSR file provided to you by Ottu in the previous step, i.e., step 4.

6. Click Continue, then click on Download to get the (.CER) file.

7. Upload the certificate (.CER) file to Ottu:

7.1. From the Ottu Dashboard, go to the Administration Panel, then from the left-hand sidebar, select Payment Service.

7.2. Select the same Apple Pay service that you selected in Step 4.2 under Step 4.

7.3. Upload the .CER file that you downloaded in the previous step (i.e., step 6) to Apple Pay Identifier CER and click Save.

After saving, the PEM Certificate and Key File will be generated automatically.

Ottu empowers businesses with a seamless payment process through Apple Pay across MPGS, Cybersource, and KNET gateways. Below, discover the effortless setup process for integrating different payment gateways with Apple Pay through Ottu. Experience simplified payments and enhanced user experience with our seamless integration process.

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