This section unveils the transformative power of Ottu Satellite, a cornerstone in optimizing and streamlining the merchant's business processes.

From providing a panoramic view of installations to automating Shopify billing and enhancing subscription management, Satellite is designed to elevate the Ottu experience.

Explore the intricacies of Ottu Satellite as it reshapes the landscape of merchant operations, offering efficiency, transparency, and enhanced control over financial endeavors.

Satellite plays a crucial role in orchestrating and optimizing merchant's business. The following outlines the core functionalities that characterize Satellite's purpose:

  1. Comprehensive Overview: Satellite offers a detailed and holistic view of the merchant's installations. This means that merchants can quickly grasp the essential aspects of their business operations at a glance.

  2. Transaction Insights: Satellite provides detailed insights into transactions. Merchants can gain a deeper understanding of their transaction data, helping them make informed decisions and optimize their business processes.

  3. Shopify Invoicing Automation: For Ottu merchants utilizing Shopify plugins, Satellite streamlines the invoicing process. Ottu can automatically generate invoices based on agreed-upon transaction percentages, notify Shopify merchants, and provide payment links, ensuring a seamless and efficient payment flow.

  4. Subscription Dashboard for Shopify Merchants: Satellite extends its capabilities to provide Ottu merchants with a subscription dashboard. This feature facilitates the management of yearly Ottu subscription or monthly Shopify billing, offering merchants a comprehensive overview of their subscription-based transactions.

In the subsequent sections, we'll explore each of these functionalities in detail,

Within the Satellite Dashboard, merchants wield a suite of powerful tools, providing a holistic solution for seamlessly managing and comprehending their installations and transactional landscapes. Explore Ottu's Installments and Transactions Overview, offering merchants unparalleled capabilities to navigate and optimize their financial endeavors.

As a merchant, from the Overview section on the Satellite Dashboard, you are provided with a centralized view of all installations associated with your Ottu account, including an Ottu Installments Summary. This summary offers a brief overview presenting essential details for each installation, encompassing:

  • Plugin Type: This denotes the category or classification of the plugin employed to facilitate transactions.

  • Count: It provides an aggregate tally of transactions that share the same plugin type and currency.

  • Amount: The amount signifies the cumulative monetary value of all transactions carried out using a particular Plugin Type and Currency pairing. It offers a comprehensive sum of the financial values associated with transactions within that specific context.

  • Currency: This is a standardized three-letter code representing the specific currency used in transactions.

Search and Filter Options:

User-friendly search and filter functionalities that empower merchants to swiftly find particular installations, considering criteria such as plugin type, installation name, and creation and modification dates.

The Transactions section within the Satellite Dashboard provides merchants with an overview of all transactions conducted across their related installations. These transactions are presented by:

  • Order no: The unique identifier assigned to a specific transaction or purchase. It helps in tracking and referencing individual transactions within a system.

  • Merchant: Installment name.

  • Plugin Type: This represents the specific category or class to which the plugin belongs, used for the facilitation of transactions.

  • Amount: The transaction amount.

  • Currency Code: Currency of the transaction.

  • Status: The current state or condition of a transaction, indicating its progress or outcome. Please refer to Transaction State.

  • Created: The date when a transaction or record was initially generated.

  • Modified: The date when a transaction or record was last altered or updated.

Search and Filter Options:

Intuitively designed search and filter features that empower merchants to quickly locate specific transactions, taking into account criteria such as plugin type, installation name, Payment Gateway Name and Code, status, as well as creation and modification dates.

Satellite has transformed Ottu billing process for merchants with the Shopify plugin. The automated Shopify billing process brings numerous advantages. It eliminates manual efforts, reduces processing time, and ensures transparent and timely communication with our merchants. The result is a more efficient and streamlined billing experience for everyone involved.

Before Satellite, Ottu success team manually compiled reports for merchants with the Shopify plugin enabled. These reports were then forwarded to accountants who manually created invoices, resulting in delays and communication gaps.

  1. Satellite Automation Implementation: With the integration of Satellite, we've automated the entire billing process. On the first day of each month, Satellite detects all Shopify transactions for every merchant, automating the creation of Shopify billing and eliminating the need for manual intervention.

  2. Automated Billing Creation: Satellite automatically generates invoices based on Shopify transactions, adhering to the agreed-upon percentage between the Shopify merchant and Ottu.

  3. Notification to Merchants: Upon creating the invoice, Satellite automatically notifies merchants. Merchants receive an email notification detailing the charges and providing a payment link. This ensures transparent communication and allows merchants to conveniently make payments through the provided link.

Within the Subscriptions tab, merchants gain an overview of all running or active subscriptions and billing details associated with their account. Experience the efficiency and convenience of Satellite's Subscription Management, where merchants can effortlessly handle their subscriptions, streamline payments, and keep track of their billing history in one centralized location.

  1. Shopify Invoices Overview and Yearly Subscription Management: Merchants can specifically review Shopify invoices, obtaining a clear breakdown for each billing cycle. The portal further facilitates easy management of yearly subscriptions.

  2. Invoice Operations: Merchants can perform multiple operations on their invoices, including downloading and initiating payments. Clicking “Pay Now” seamlessly redirects merchants to the Ottu checkout page to complete the payment process.

  1. Subscription History: The Subscription Management feature provides a comprehensive view of payment history, showcasing all transactions made through the active subscription board. This enables merchants to track and review past payments easily.


Satellite's Transaction Insights go beyond surface-level data, providing merchants with a granular understanding of their transactional landscape. This depth of insight empowers merchants to make informed decisions and strategically optimize their business processes.

This automation not only eliminates the cumbersome manual efforts but also significantly reduces processing time, ensuring transparent and timely communication with merchants.

The Ottu Installments Summary is a feature-rich component within the Satellite Dashboard. It not only presents a centralized view of installations but also delves into critical details such as Plugin Type, Count, Amount, Currency, and provides a robust set of search and filter options for merchants to navigate their data effectively.

Merchants using Satellite can perform a myriad of operations on their invoices, ranging from downloading invoices to initiating payments. The "Pay Now" functionality seamlessly redirects merchants to the Ottu checkout page, providing a user-friendly and efficient payment process.

In closing, Ottu Satellite emerges as a pivotal solution, redefining how merchants manage their business operations. From a comprehensive overview of installations to automating Shopify billing and advanced subscription management, Satellite offers a suite of tools designed for efficiency and transparency. This holistic approach ensures Ottu merchants can focus on growth while Satellite takes care of the intricacies. As you explore further, unlock the potential of Ottu Satellite to revolutionize your financial processes and propel your business forward. It's not just a tool; it's your strategic ally in payment management. Welcome to the future with Ottu Satellite.

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