Payment Tracking

In the fast-paced world of online payments, one thing remains constant: the need for financial control. Enter Ottu, your trusted companion in this financial journey! Welcome to our comprehensive Payment Tracking guide, where we'll not only guide you but empower you with the formidable tools Ottu brings to the table.

Payment Insight: Your Financial Radar. In this section, we shine a spotlight on two essential features:

  • Transaction Table: Your digital ledger, where every transaction finds a home. No more financial mysteries; it's all here in black and white.

  • Dashboard Chart: Picture your financial data with stunning clarity. Ottu transforms numbers into insights with interactive charts that put you in the captain's seat.

Payment States: Navigating the Payment Universe. Explore the intricacies of payments with these enlightening features:

  • Parent & Child States: Understand the hierarchy of payment states, making sense of your payment's journey from initiation to completion.

  • Payment Attempt: Dive into the details of every attempt, Unraveling the uncertainties surrounding online payments.

Payment Notifications, URLs & Timing: Real-time Payment Notifications, secure URLs for transactions, and precise timing for successful payments.

  • Notification: Stay in the loop with timely notifications, ensuring you never miss a beat in your financial transactions.

  • Short Payment URL: Simplify sharing and tracking with a concise URL, perfect for a smooth payment experience.

  • Transaction Expiration Time: Learn about the lifespans of your transactions, ensuring they reach their destinations in time.

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