Refund & Void Access Control

At Ottu, our cutting-edge online payment management systems (OPMS), we have established a simplified permission approval process to enhance security, efficiency and ensure smooth operations. The process entails obtaining permissions (i.e., do refund/void permissions.) to perform operation requests via Two-Step Refund & Void Authorization, which is mandatory for Staff users. On the other hand, Super users enjoy greater freedom, they skip this flow by default.

This convenient feature will be activated by adding the permissions approval plugin. Just head to Ottu Dashboard > Administration Panel > Plugins > Installed Plugin.

To ensure accountability and security, only a single user should be authorized to approve or reject refund/void permission requests.

If you are worried about pending requests cluttering your system, then fear no anymore! By default, all requests will automatically be canceled after 48 hours. And guess what? You can even customize this expiration time from the backend to suit your needs!

Access the Ottu Dashboard > Navigate to the Administration Panel > Go to the User section and select Users.

Select the target user. Here is the Example user.

Within the user's profile, go to the Permissions tab. Scroll down to the section titled User Permissions" In the Available User Permissions window, select the following permissions:

— payment | Payment transaction | Can do refund

— payment | Payment transaction | Can do void

Move them from the Available User Permissions window to the Chosen User Permissions window. Then click on the Save button to save the changes.

Subsequently, two Permission Requests for Void and Refund are inserted into the Table of Permission Request.

In the Ottu Dashboard, under the Tickets Tab, there is a Permissions Requests Table where authorized users are listed. A permission request will be sent to the authorized user via this table, and the authorized user can then approve or reject the request, as illustrated below.

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