Getting Started

Welcome to Ottu’s API documentation! We have designed our platform to offer a unified API experience across all our endpoints. No matter which payment gateway you choose, you’ll find the same intuitive interface, allowing you to integrate just once and leave the heavy lifting to us. Before diving into the technical details, you should familiarize yourself with a few key concepts that will recur throughout our documentation.

In the context of Ottu, the payment gateway holds the MID (Merchant ID) credentials provided by your bank. For more details on this, check the Payment Gateway section. Currently, our staff handle this configuration and will provide you with the pg_codes needed for the API. Alternatively, you can fetch these codes using our Payment Methods API.

Currency configuration involves setting up the currencies you want to charge your customers. Ottu supports multi-currency transactions. If your MID is set up for KWD, but you want to display the charge amount to your customers in USD, we’ve got you covered. Your customers will see the amount in USD, but the actual funds will arrive in your bank account in KWD. Find more details in our Currency Configuration section.

Every payment or API operation starts with or involves a payment transaction. Essentially, this is the metadata for the payment. It includes information like amount, currency, customer data (email, phone number, address), and more. A payment transaction’s state can change based on the flow created, paid, expired, canceled, etc.). Learn more in the Payment Transaction section.

To get started with Ottu’s REST API, first understand our authentication methods in the Authentication section. Then proceed to the Checkout API section to learn how to create payments and charge customers. Following this, you might want to explore the Payment Notification Webhook. This feature is crucial if you want to integrate Ottu with a system and get notified about payment status updates. After creating a payment transaction, you can specify a webhook URL where Ottu will send updates about the payment status. This will keep your systems up to date in real-time with payment events. See Webhook.

Based on your specific needs, you can proceed to the sections that apply to your business:

For any other questions, please feel free to contact your local Ottu representative. Happy integration!

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