This documentation is designed to provide you with a clear and detailed guide to configuring and utilizing Ottu's powerful features. From managing global settings that govern the behavior of your payment system, to setting up webhooks that enable real-time communication, and understanding how to generate and use API keys effectively – we've got you covered.

  • Global Configuration: Tailor the Ottu system to your specific needs by customizing its global settings. Understand how to fine-tune parameters that influence payment processing & user experiences.

  • Webhooks Configuration: Discover the power of real-time event notifications. Learn how to set up and configure webhooks, enabling your system to receive instant updates on payment & operation events.

  • Report Configuration: Dive into Ottu's reporting capabilities and learn how to extract meaningful insights from transaction data. Configure reports suiting your business requirements and uncover trends that drive smarter decision-making.

  • How to Get API Key: Master the art of API integration. Follow our step-by-step guide to generate API keys, a crucial component for securely connecting your application to Ottu's payment ecosystem.

  • URL Shortener Configuration: The URL Shorten Configuration feature within Ottu empowers you to create concise and user-friendly shortened links for your long and complex URLs. This section of the documentation will guide you through the process of configuring and utilizing Ottu's URL shortening capabilities, allowing you to share links more efficiently.

If you're new to Ottu, we recommend starting with the Global Configuration section, where you'll establish foundational settings that impact the entire payment process. For those seeking to integrate Ottu's notifications into their systems, the Webhooks Configuration section is your go-to resource. Dive into the Report Configuration section to harness the power of Ottu's data analysis capabilities, then the How to Get API Key section equips developers with the knowledge to interact with Ottu programmatically. Lastly, URL Shortener Configuration which guides you through setup while explaining key fields.

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