The Smarter Way


Ottu empowers the merchant to make his own configuration easily.
Ottu dashboard> administration panel > Config


Ottu dashboard> administration panel > Config > Configuration
Merchant’s name to be displayed on the dashboard.

​Merchant subheader​

A merchant's most important information is briefly highlighted in this field.
Merchant trade market logo


An icon displayed beside URL in the browser tab or next to the site name in a user's list of bookmarks.
URL address of the merchant website.


This email address gets the request for authorizing the permission. Should be only one email address. Normally, it is the email of the installation owner.

​Merchant phone​

Merchant contact phone number.

​Fixer access key​, is an online service to get currency exchanging rate on real time base, when the merchant creates an account on he will get a fixer access key. To be effective, the merchant should enable the online conversion feature. Ottu dashboard > Administration panel > currency > currency exchange configs [works as should choose online].

​Is paused​

Enabling it, will lead to freeze all the transaction process related to payment request link till it gets disabled.

​Enable 2FA on​

Enabling it, will send OTP to the dedicated email address for every dashboard logging in action.


Current installation version.

​Live update​

It is the date of the first live transaction.

​Last update​

The date of the last update on the merchant installation.

​Renewal update​

Installation renewal date, It is determined by the signed contract between Ottu and the merchant.
It is the time of proceeding the payment by the customer through payment request URL. When expiry date passed, then the payment will be transited to expired state and payment request URL will be expired. By default, is 24 hours and could be changed from Ottu dashboard > Administration panel > payment request > payment request configuration[Transaction expiration time].


Where the merchant can write a note for any additional configuration other than default configuration.

​SSL expiry date​

Security socket layer, it is used to secure a merchant’s server and should be updated according to the SSL expiry date which is populated automatically based on the date of the installation.

​Reference Prefix​

It is for Ottu operations team, If a merchant is having two Ottu installations and one PG then one of the installation should have the reference prefix configured to avoid duplicate track ID for the PG.
Ottu dashboard> administration panel > Config > Transaction report generation Configuration


​Fields description​

​Cut off time​

For pausing report generation.
If ticked, The transaction report will be sent via email.
If ticked, The transaction report will be sent over SFTP server.

​Emails ​

Where the reports should be sent to.
SFTP IP address.

​SFTP upload path​

Location of uploading directory.
SFTP credential.
The used template for email notifications.

​File name prefix​

Determine the format in which reports should be saved.

Transaction report fields

​Fields description​

The report will export each field that is added here.
Based on the source type where the field data is extracted, the required fields are categorized. For each type of added field, different information is required.
Type: Config (Required field is from Plugins configuration)
Type: Static (Required field is one of the constant fields)
Type: Gateway response (Required field is from PG response)
Type: Common (Required field is other than fields from PG, static, and plugin configuration. Such as payment_date).
Ottu dashboard> administration panel > Config > URL shortener configurations
Then click on Add URL shortener configuration.

Fields description

Determine the shortening utility.


API endpoint link.

​Is global​

If ticked, this configuration will be applied for all cased.
Ottu Dashboard > administration panel > Webhook >Webhook Config

​Fields description​

​HMAC Key​

For API payloads, this key is used to generate hash signatures.

​Ignore ssl

When ticked, SSL certificate will not be verified while calling webhook_url​
When ticked, an email will be sent in case of any error occurred while calling webhook_url.

​Email list

Email address list, where the calling webhook_url error notification email should be sent to.


the period of the time that Ottu server waits for the merchant server to response.


Number of the times that Ottu server retries to send the request to merchant server
Period of time between two retries.


Timeout = 20 sec, retries= 3 and Back off factor =5sec.
Merchant server is down for 30 sec.
1- First try, Ottu sends the request, then waits for response 20 sec and 5 sec more as back off factor. Failed 2- Second try, Ottu sends another request, then waits for 5 sec then gets response from the merchant order, since the server downtime is over and returned to normal mode. Succeeded


API webhook. Version
When ticked, webhook notification will be activated.
Redirect behavior based on webhook_url response on payment events and payment operation:
  • status code 200, the customer will be redirected to redirect_url
  • status code 201, the customer will be redirected to Ottu payment summary page
  • status code any other code, the customer will be redirected to Ottu payment summary page. For this particular case, Ottu can notify on the email, when Enable webhook notifications? Activated..
When ticked, Ottu will another request in case first one gets failed. See example.
Where the transaction data will get disclosed once operation transaction flow triggered.
When ticked, webhook notification will be activated even the transaction gets created over API.